Newton County Recycling Press Release

Newton County Recycling

Press Release

Tips for Recycle Sites. . . . .

The Newton County recycling collection sites are SINGLE-stream recycling. SINGLE-stream recycling means residents do not need to sort/separate their recyclable items. The following are tips for best recycle practice at our county sites.

  • Recyclable items should be clean and compacted
  • Cardboard boxes should be flattened
  • Recyclable items placed in containers should be inside


  • NO construction materials or food
  • Refer to list below for ACCEPTED items
  • Refer to list below for NON-RECYCLABLE items

The following items are ACCEPTED:

Paper (staples okay) Corrugated/Smooth-Cardboard/FLATTENED

Magazines Ream Wrappers

Newspapers File Folders

Junk Mail Poster Board

Phone Books Frozen Food Boxes

Brochures Cardboard Boxes/FLATTENED

Envelopes Milk Cartons

Clear, Green, and Brown Glass Plastics: # 1 – 5 and #7 (NO #6)

Jars Water Bottles

Take-Out Containers

Aluminum Beverage Cans Soda Bottles

Steel Food Cans Milk Jugs

The following items are NON-RECYCLABLE:

Aerosol Cans Stickers & Address Labels

Shredded Paper Styrofoam

Aluminum Foil Tissue, Paper Towels, or Napkins

Batteries Mirrors and/or Ceramics

Food Waste Construction Materials

Thank you to residents who are helping keep our sites clean and for

following the simple rules of recycling in Newton County.

Residents can drop off their clean and recyclable items 24 hours a day at the following sites:

Kentland – 109 West Dunlap Street

Goodland – Between Main Source Bank and Post Office

Brook – South Side of Water Tower

Morocco – North of Newton County Highway Garage

Lake Village – West of Lake Township Fire Station

Roselawn –East Kellar Street – East of Ceres Solutions

Mt. Ayr – Chicago Street

For additional information on recycling in Newton County, please contact

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