Eclipse April 8, 2024

Don’t want to watch the eclipse alone? Forgot to buy your eclipse glasses? Believe in the old myths? Ancient Greeks believe the gods were angry with humans and the Sun was abandoning the earth. The word “eclipse” actually comes from the Greek word meaning “abandonment.”

Vikings of Northern Europe believed that, during a total solar eclipse, the Sun was being eaten by two wolves known as Skoll and Hati.

The ancient Maya believed that watching it directly meant that birds would come and pick out their eyes to make them blind.

Worried that dragons, demons, wolves, jaguars, frogs and even squirrels are devouring or chasing the sun?

I wouldn’t risk it. All of those things could be true. Safety in numbers, hopefully. Spend the afternoon at the Goodland Public Library from 12:30 PM (CST) – 4:30 PM (CST). We have a limited amount of eclipse glasses for those that spend the afternoon at the library. The eclipse will not be total here but it will be around 97.6%.

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